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Information and Facts

Plan your dream adventure to Kenya with us and see for yourself why Africa is so magical. Spend your time feeding Giraffes, playing with orphaned elephants, and relaxing on white sandy beaches. With 45 National Parks and reserves, Kenya is full of experiences just waiting for you. 

Kenya: Facts & Information


Kenya has generally a warm, tropical climate year-round as the country is closer to the equator. It’s warmer mostly in the coastal areas of Kenya.


Canadians can enjoy safe travels year-round in Kenya. We recommend that all our travellers purchase travel insurance. The (UV) sunrays can be very strong and can cause a burn. Take necessary precautions as you would with travel anywhere else have copies on-hand of your important documents, while keeping them stored separately (and safely) from the originals.


Some vaccines may be recommended, and should be up to date when travelling to Kenya. These recommended vaccines include: Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, measles, meningitis and the influenza shot among others. It is possible that travellers may need a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to prove they’ve received their vaccines.

Currency & Customs

The currency in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling. There are ATMs in major towns throughout the country and Visa and MasterCard is widely accepted. Your passport must be valid, or should not expire, for at least 6 months past the date of your return. You would also need an entry visa to enter Kenya.


The electrical current for Kenya is 230 volts; it is recommended for certain appliances such as hair dryers and straighteners to bring both a plug adapter and converter. For newer electronics such as tablets or smartphones, a plug adapter may only be needed as the voltage could automatically adjust.


The main spoken language in Kenya is Bantu Swahili language and English. There are, however, more locals and business operators who speak of Swahili than English.